night two of fuzzybuttness!


night one went great! no leaks! and the fit of diaper one was great. now here is night two 🙂 this is the OS minky diaper. i love the minky but i don’t like this print now that he has it on, and i don’t like the snaps… but it fits him alright! i’m giving all the diapers a fair try! one step closer to my final decision!


trying out cloth diapers tonight for bedtime :)


sawyer is seen in this photo using his absolutely adorable ‘intense’ face 🙂 he is wearing a one size heavy duty ka waii baby diaper 🙂 it fits him pretty perfect! there is no gap by the tummy and i’m totally loving the velcro closure! much easier than all those snaps! 🙂

cutting teeth :)

we have a tooth, ladies and gentlemen! 🙂 i found it today while we were trying to comfort our fussy sawyer. we thought he was gassy, but it turns out that HE IS GETTING HIS FIRST TOOTH! 😀 it’s just a little stump for now but it’s sharp and ready!

i’m excited yet sad, because all this means is he’ll be getting even more teeth soon and then a whole mouthful and he won’t be our baby anymore. i already told him today that he is not a baby anymore, he’s my big handsome man 😉

i’m getting an amber teething necklace and bracelet that will hopefully be good for the teething pain! he HATES those frozen teether things! so we shall see how it goes with that 🙂

more news to come soon! thanks for watching!

fluff mailllll! :)!


finally! these are the three different kawaii baby diapers that i have left to try out 🙂

the first is a OS mom label bamboo in plaid patchwork print!
the middle is an april baby dual closure OS in apple green!
and the last is a OS heavy duty with microfleece inner in coffee!

on kawaii’s website, there are packages you can order of these three (and more) so i first ordered three different kinds to test them on sawyer to see which one would ultimately be my final choice. buuut, kawaii also has a mixed package that i can order if i end up liking all of them 😉

i’ll be judging them on fit, bulkiness, absorbency and, of course, the way they look on sawyer’s butt 😉

will be posting pictures :)! gotta prep them first!

homemade laundry soap!

i finally made it! i put it all together & it is made and stored 🙂

i found an excellent recipe online (here) & now we have enough laundry soap to last for probably over a year! 🙂 & it only cost $24.64 (plus tax!). plus, i got two free containers to store some of it in :)! the recipe is below! you can either get the stuff on amazon, or i else found EVERYTHING in the laundry aisle at walmart 🙂



1 (4 lb 12 oz) box of borax
1 (3 lb 7 oz) box of arm&hammer washing soda
1 (3 lb) container of oxiclean (this is one of the free containers i was talking about! 😉 )
3 bars of fels-naptha soap (you can also use ivory or zote soap)
1 (4 lb) box of arm&hammer baking soda
1 (55 oz) bottle of purex fabric softener crystals (this is another one of the free containers! also, you don’t have to use purex. you can also use downy unstoppables or that bounce fireworks stuff. whichever scent you prefer, because that’s what the soap will smell like!)

will let you all know how it works with the clothes once i do a load (probably tomorrow!)


*featured image found on google (

bring on the boobie milk!

so as you all know, i’m very self conscious about my milk supply. i don’t have enough milk stocked to feed sawyer when he’s getting babysat, and i feel so bad that i’ve been giving him so much formula. (nothing against formula feeding moms, but i just didn’t want to do it!) sooo i’ve been looking up a few ways that usually boost womens’ supplies and i have picked a few favorites to try!


so far today, i have taken a fenugreek supplement pill, and am currently drinking mother’s milk tea (i had to sweeten it up a bit, though!) the fenugreek pill went down hard (it’s huge) & it doesn’t taste the greatest, but hey; what’s good for you usually tastes a little weird 😛


i purchased coconut oil to use as a butter substitute (as well as just using it as coconut oil because, i mean, what DOESN’T coconut oil do?!). i also got some oats & flax seed so i can try to make lactation shakes & cookies.

hopefully something will help me, because i’d really love to start getting more milk stashed for when i’m working or away from sawyer! crossing my fingers 🙂