hooray for enfamil!

we tried enfamil supplementing formula today with success! sawyer ate 3 out of 4 ounces we had prepared and passed out! now the only thing that we have to worry about now is the stinky farts and poops! 😛 we’re glad he ended up liking some kind of formula. we had tried similac supplementing before but he […]

so tired…

alright so i’m getting a little tired of being tired all the time! i sleep too long in the morning, and end up still accidentally falling asleep during the day for a nap.. then, of course, i’m up half the night because i can’t sleep. i need to do something about this! although, there are […]

had a weird, VIVID dream. it had a terrible ending, but i’m going to make something positive out of it & use my creative writing “skill” to try to write a short story. or a long story. who knows. whatever it is, i’ll be sure to share! (;

family… where life begins and love never ends

designed by me! found the quote on google & copied that, and found the font on lifeprint.com! the finger spelling says “sawyer” “andrew” “duck” (one of our cats) “wizard” (our other cat) “kylie” “champagne” (our ferret) and “mcglin” which is the family last name 🙂 it’s not mine but it’s everybody else’s 🙂

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