words sawyer knows

yes no mommy mama daddy dada gramma grandpa papa baby sock shoe glasses shirt hat pants baba cup fork eat peas chicken kix (cereal) milk (with his mouth and in sign language) juice fruit da pee (pizza) wa wa (water) cracker cookie nuts chip cheese truck car cart (golf cart) wait go up down buhbye […]


my new favorite word :)




my boobs hurt, my tummy hurts, i’m sooo bloated i look six months pregnant (i promise it’s not the alcohol 😉) , i friggen cried watching cheaper by the dozen today, i’m eating everything in sight… like seriously?!? i can’t believe i’m even saying this but i cannot WAIT to get my period 😡 Advertisements


guess who hasn’t been on facebook all day 🙂 this will be easier than i thought i think Advertisements

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