four month update :)



(click on images to enlarge them!)

our baby has grown so much in just four short months! at his last appointment, which was monday september 8th, he was 14 pounds 4 ounces, which was a 3 pound 1 ounce growth from his two month appointment! this little boy impresses me each and every day.

he is very “handsy” now! he wants to touch everything (as well as stick it in his mouth!). his favorite things to do include stuffing his whole hand in his mouth and watching the fan. he also has a new walker that papa & grandma (grandpa & grandma mcglin) got him that he absolutely loves. he has already started walking backwards in it 🙂



he has two teeth now! & he hates frozen teethers. but he has an amber teething necklace & bracelet that seem to help with the drooling and pain!


he is mostly holding his own bottle now, too!


like i said, this little boy amazes me every day. every babble and every almost word. every new milestone that we reach together! i never knew it was possible to love someone this much ❤


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