cutting teeth :)

we have a tooth, ladies and gentlemen! 🙂 i found it today while we were trying to comfort our fussy sawyer. we thought he was gassy, but it turns out that HE IS GETTING HIS FIRST TOOTH! 😀 it’s just a little stump for now but it’s sharp and ready!

i’m excited yet sad, because all this means is he’ll be getting even more teeth soon and then a whole mouthful and he won’t be our baby anymore. i already told him today that he is not a baby anymore, he’s my big handsome man 😉

i’m getting an amber teething necklace and bracelet that will hopefully be good for the teething pain! he HATES those frozen teether things! so we shall see how it goes with that 🙂

more news to come soon! thanks for watching!


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