bring on the boobie milk!

so as you all know, i’m very self conscious about my milk supply. i don’t have enough milk stocked to feed sawyer when he’s getting babysat, and i feel so bad that i’ve been giving him so much formula. (nothing against formula feeding moms, but i just didn’t want to do it!) sooo i’ve been looking up a few ways that usually boost womens’ supplies and i have picked a few favorites to try!


so far today, i have taken a fenugreek supplement pill, and am currently drinking mother’s milk tea (i had to sweeten it up a bit, though!) the fenugreek pill went down hard (it’s huge) & it doesn’t taste the greatest, but hey; what’s good for you usually tastes a little weird 😛


i purchased coconut oil to use as a butter substitute (as well as just using it as coconut oil because, i mean, what DOESN’T coconut oil do?!). i also got some oats & flax seed so i can try to make lactation shakes & cookies.

hopefully something will help me, because i’d really love to start getting more milk stashed for when i’m working or away from sawyer! crossing my fingers 🙂



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