nearly 3 months later…

wow, i haven’t posted in awhile!

but we just got back home from a weekend of camping so i decided that i maybe could say a little something.

not much has changed at all, sawyer wise. he’s still sleeping good through the night, just not so much during the day. he’s napping right now though! and has been since about 1 or so. so that’s good!

the momma life has changed drastically! i have a part-time job now. i’m not going to get into why besides saying that we needed to supplement income. stuff costs money, right? 😉

it’s not that bad, other than that i miss being with sawyer all day. but he’s been being a pretty good boy for grandma g! daddy has even got to watch him alone for a few hours.

i need to figure out a way to make more milk, though. when i’m at work he’s fed almost exclusively on formula, which is one of the things that i said i’d NEVER do, but i can’t seem to pump enough to save anything. i’m going to try to make some “lactation cookies” because this is killing me. i HATE the thought of formula but it’s either that or starve my child, and i’m not into that idea either.

everything else has been going great though. and… we’re getting a puppy 😀 we’re all beyond excited (except maybe the cats, but they don’t really know yet 😉 ) she is a borador (mix of lab and border collie) & i, for one, cannot wait to get some more estrogen into this household! ❤

pictures will come when we get her!


that’s about it for right now. hopefully more interesting stuff will start happening so i can post more often!

ttfn ❤


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