growing up too fast (8 week update)

sawyer is pretty much sleeping through the night almost every night. sometimes he will wake up once or twice, but for the last few days, he’s been pretty good about sleep. i’m thinking it’s because he doesn’t like to nap during the day anymore! he will only nap once or twice a day, and he FIGHTS so hard not to fall asleep (i think he thinks that he will miss something!) his naps range anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. most of the time he’s just a big pain in the butt all day because he’s so cranky from lack of sleep. but he’s cute when he’s cranky, even when he yells at me 😛

he poops once a day, a BIG explosive one that threatens to destroy clothes. but it never has… so far! i’ve managed to get all poop stains out of clothes. and, of course (like any other little boy i know), he always seems to have a big poop right when he looks adorable!

he’s eating pretty regularly, about every 3 hours or so. and i let him nurse as long as he wants, until he pulls away and won’t accept it anymore (or he passes out). it’s about 10-30 minutes every feeding. after feedings, i try to burp him and he usually will get one big burp… but i think he might have a reflux problem or something because it seems like he’s spitting up after every feeding too :/ i’ll ask his doctor about it at the appointment next week.

i still can hardly pump (unless it’s in the morning when i wake up and sawyer slept through the night so i’m full), but i’m still trying. i get about 2-3 ounces per pumping session. that’s not really a lot, in my opinion, but if i stockpile enough up, maybe it’ll be enough eventually!

he has his social smile down pat 🙂 he laughs, giggles, “talks”, screams, and makes all kinds of fun noises at me and everyone else (when he’s in a good mood!). he’s totally saying words too, by the way. my child is a genius 😉 just kidding, but it sounds like he is sometimes. he’s also gotten really good at tracking! he’ll follow daddy with his head and eyes wherever he goes. it’s ADORABLE.

we’re still not co-sleeping often. he and i are pretty much comfortable with him in his pack and play during the night. although, sometimes i still wake up and check him because that’s just how i am.

i’m still in a little bit of disbelief that i gave birth 8 weeks ago tomorrow. and that he’ll be 2 months old this week. ha, gotta go. he’s in there whining. gotta give him his “gee” (pacifer), and he totally just said mom by the way. 😉


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