no more co-sleeping?

my little boy is growing up! :/

all this weekend while we were camping, he slept by himself! usually, he will sleep on my chest or cuddled next to me on my arm. but not anymore!

my little man is in his pack and play right now, next to our bed. and even though he is literally an arm’s length away, i miss him so much 😦

HE EVEN FELL ASLEEP ALL BY HIMSELF WITHOUT ANYONE HOLDING HIM LAST NIGHT. i mean, come on!!! we didn’t even know he could do that!

but i suppose that this is all a part of getting older; he can move his head back and forth and support himself fully so he has been paying on his belly too.

i know it’s not recommended to do that until they can roll over but he WILL NOT fall asleep or stay asleep on his back unless someone is holding him. so therefore, my baby that is only a month and a half old is sleeping by himself, on his tummy, without snuggling with momma bear tonight… /:

i’ll probably cheat though, and when he wakes up for a feeding, i’ll sneak him back in bed with me. now that i know that he can do this, i know i must not have spoiled him THAT much… yet πŸ˜‰

i’ll let you know how the first night sleeping alone at home goes tomorrow πŸ™‚

goodnight y’all ❀


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