memorial weekend!

sawyer got to suck lots of fresh air this weekend!

on friday, we were hanging out all night on our neighbors porch! it was basically a game of “pass the sawyer” because everyone wanted to see him and hold him. it was also my first time that i’ve ever nursed outside! it was pretty refreshing, actually. and sooooo nice out! he slept through the night, from about 11 to 5 or 6 which is good enough for me!

yesterday, we went to pine grove campground by request of sawyer’s auntie m (my lovely sister!) & he was outside allllll day. we went for a few golf cart rides (he was asleep for one of them and then for most of the evening) & he even got to snuggle on auntie’s bed for a little bit, until he started crying and daddy went to save him! he didn’t sleep through the night but he did sleep from about 11 to 4 and then 4 to 7 and then 7 to around 11.

he didn’t go outside at all today, but we’ll make up for that tomorrow! we’re going to be going to gigi and beep’s house for a cookout!


all this fresh air with minimal sun contact makes for a very happy baby! but what’s new on that?

he’s done almost nothing besides eat and sleep today! mostly eat. and boy am i feeling it, if you know what i mean! 😛 right now, he’s sleeping happily in his bouncer after a quick top off 😉

who knew it was possible to love something so small so much? ❤





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