hooray for enfamil!

we tried enfamil supplementing formula today with success! sawyer ate 3 out of 4 ounces we had prepared and passed out! now the only thing that we have to worry about now is the stinky farts and poops! 😛

we’re glad he ended up liking some kind of formula. we had tried similac supplementing before but he didn’t like it at all. it could’ve just been the bottle, though. we have two trial sizes left so we will try again eventually!

just wanted to share that little tidbit 🙂


One thought on “hooray for enfamil!

  1. That is great to hear! it can be difficult finding a formula that agrees with him or maybe even the bottle. It is nice when you supplement. When you can come up “north” you can leave him with me for a few hours or overnight and enjoy each others company. Or I would even enjoy visiting with you and Andrew! I think you are a great people!

    Found a Winnie the Pooh swing that plays 15 songs and is in perfect condition. I hope you can come up to get it soon. I also found some things for you and Andrew.

    Love you guys. By the way, I think you are a wonderful mom!
    Love Always,
    Dr. Mom

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