we’re watching jurassic park and relaxing on this dreary night. sawyer is almost asleep in andrew’s arms and i’m trying not to cry because of this stupid thunder. i HATE thunder. i don’t know why, but i always have. nights like these make me thankful that i have two boys that love to cuddle with mommabear.

sawyer has been eating more often than he has been in the past few weeks; hopefully that means that he will gain a whole bunch of weight and the doctors will get off my butt… he feels heavier, and has also been super fussy and refusing sleep the last two days until he can’t take it anymore. i’ve looked around and the only thing that i found is “growth spurt” pertaining to the symptoms he has, so hopefully he reaches that by wednesday and he has gained, like, a pound and half or something 😉 i know growth spurts tend to mean length, but my baby is special 🙂 (aren’t they all? 😉 )

the only thing i know for sure is that his little paws are growing because they hardly fit into the mitts that we have for him so he doesn’t scratch himself (and US!!!!!). they used to fit perfectly 😥 it’s hard to believe that he’s already growing; i lay him on my stomach sometimes and try to imagine how he squished in there for all that time!


in other news, i guess my nephew broke his arm this weekend when he fell off his bike. he called me today and told me that he’s getting a cast! ugh. darn kids. i have a whole family of klutz’. 😛 hopefully sawyer won’t break anything, considering me and andrew have made it this long with only sprains (knocking on wood)!


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