memorial weekend!

sawyer got to suck lots of fresh air this weekend! on friday, we were hanging out all night on our neighbors porch! it was basically a game of “pass the sawyer” because everyone wanted to see him and hold him. it was also my first time that i’ve ever nursed outside! it was pretty refreshing, […]


weight check!

we had a weight check today & sawyer weighs 9 pounds and 11 ounces! so now everyone can get off my back! 11 ounces in one week 🙂 i’m so proud of my boy! hopefully he will keep gaining weight steadily (he should because of how often & how good he’s been eating lately!) and he’ll […]


hooray for enfamil!

we tried enfamil supplementing formula today with success! sawyer ate 3 out of 4 ounces we had prepared and passed out! now the only thing that we have to worry about now is the stinky farts and poops! 😛 we’re glad he ended up liking some kind of formula. we had tried similac supplementing before but he […]



we’re watching jurassic park and relaxing on this dreary night. sawyer is almost asleep in andrew’s arms and i’m trying not to cry because of this stupid thunder. i HATE thunder. i don’t know why, but i always have. nights like these make me thankful that i have two boys that love to cuddle with […]



the whole “writing my birth story” thing is not going as i planned. every time i sit down and try to write it, something distracts me. so this is hereby a notice saying that my birth story is “coming soon.” but anyway, i’ll tell you other things for you noble followers that have been waiting […]

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