stuck at 90 & 1

so at my doctors appointment, we discovered that i’m STILL only about 90% thinned out and STILL only 1 cm, DESPITE THE FACT that i lost my mucous plug yesterday…

my doctor stripped my membrane a little bit but not all the way because she won’t be here this weekend and i told her that i’d rather have her deliver my baby than anyone else. so now i have a doctor’s appointment for next wednesday (which is my due date) & i have time to debate over the weekend whether or not i want to be induced that day.

i really would rather not be induced (as you all know if you’ve been following, i wanna go all natural), but i really would prefer him to be born in april and not go over my due date into may (there’s a lot of people in my family that are born in may and not so many in april so it’d be nice to have one of those!) but whatever happens, happens.

like i said, i have the weekend to think about getting induced… probably just going to let him come whenever but we’ll see because I’M REALLY SICK OF BEING PREGNANT!

i’d really like to see some friggen progress SOON!

anyway… here’s a weekly update:

HOW FAR ALONG: 39 weeks!

BABY THIS WEEK: he’s anywhere from 6-9 pounds (let’s hope for around 7 ;)). he’s probably somewhere around 20 inches long.

MY WEIGHT: i was around 162. i’m not really concerned though because i just read that at least 12 pounds come off right after he’s born 😉 hooray for getting a baby and the placenta out, right?!

SLEEP: sucks. i hate bed time. and i have to take tylenol PM in order to even think about sleep.

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: my mucous plug coming out was definitely a highlight. it was also andrew’s birthday tuesday so that was fun! i made him lasagna and we had lunch with my parents, & cake with his dad & step mom 🙂 it was a very good day.

SYMPTOMS: pretty much the same as last time; contractions (real ones, i think, just nothing regular), pain in my thighs sometimes, weird tingles in my hips when i’m laying on them for too long (i’m guessing restless leg syndrome), and stupid foot annoyances (no swelling there, though!) & my hands swell. well, my fingers. i couldn’t get my ring off this morning to take a shower! ha! also, lower back pain. feels really good when andrew rubs it though… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

MOOD: eh. i’m pretty pissy actually, since i’ve been stuck at 1 cm for three weeks now!

MOVEMENT: when we got home before, he didn’t stop moving around for, like, forever! it was cute 🙂 but it has been slowing down significantly though, so hopefully that’s a sign that he’s going to come out soon!!!

WHAT I MISS: gatorade ❤ that’s the first thing that i’m drinking when he pops out!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: getting this little monster out of me!!!!!


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