fun things

fun thing i just noticed today: the hair on my belly is getting really long (and dark. ick). darn prenatal vitamin.

andrew also pointed out this morning that my belly button has popped out more -_- fantastic.

also, i’m noticing that my nails are growing and stronger… i haven’t bit them in a few days and it’s really weird how quickly they’ve prospered into what i’m assuming are normal looking nails. i’m still deciding whether or not i like them being this long…

in other news, i don’t think my hopes and plans of having an “early” baby are going to come true; i haven’t noticed contractions of any kind lately (not even BH) and no water breakage.

i’m losing hope that my baby will be born on the day of a blood moon.

oh well, as long as he’s healthy when he comes out, that’s all that really matters to me.


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