SPECIAL: diaper bag preview

Created by firsttimemommadramafirst of all, yes; my diaper bag is from Thirty-One (: my sister had a party & i ordered it and another bag that matches it & i just absolutely love the pattern! it was originally thought by me to be gender neutral, since i ordered the bag literally a week before we found out we were having sawyer, but i’m SO glad that we’re having a boy because now that i look at it and study it more, it’s much more boy-ish. at least in my opinion. i’ll probably still use it if i ever have a girl 😉

so on to the small preview!

1) econobum wet bag; this came along with the econobum prefolds & covers i bought (with a giftcard) from toys r us, and it is perfect for cloth diapering on the go. i have no where else for it to go for right now (other than on top of the changing table) so i just threw it in there, even though we don’t plan on cloth diapering sawyer initially. our plan is to wait for his cord stump to fall off, but i’ll see about that because ya’ll have no idea how excited i am to cloth diaper!

2) travel-size johnson products; these came in a cute little box that i purchased even before i knew i was pregnant. like, literally, a year before i found out. they were meant to be part of a gift but i never got around to giving the gift so instead, i’m keeping the stuff for me 😉 in case you can’t see them (which you probably can’t because of my camera’s stupid focus quality), included is a small thing of desitin, a little bottle of baby powder, a bottle of baby lotion, a bottle of baby shampoo, and a bottle of baby head-to-toe wash! these things are perfect for traveling and going to grandma’s house or wherever, just in case we need to give a quick bath.

3) momma’s mint pocket; if you know me, you’d know that i have a thing about mints. and these Thirty-One bags are friggen awesome with their pockets so i have myself a personal mint pocket for myself 😉 or, you know, whoever i come across who needs a fresh-breath check!

4) butt wipes; i’ll be using cloth wipes (once they come!) but for now, these disposables were basically the only ones that i got at my baby shower that were unscented. i cannot STAND scented stuff, even if it smells good, and i don’t trust it on my baby’s butt so we’ll steer away from those.


alright now, i realize that what’s all in my diaper bag -currently- is not all that i need to be in there. truthfully, i haven’t even packed it yet (obviously). i still need diapers, as well as a change of clothes or two… among other things. but i have the basics for right now at least!

thanks for reading, & look for my next special, which will be a view of sawyer’s nursery! (which is also not complete yet because we don’t have a crib mattress yet but it’s coming!)


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