SPECIAL: cloth diapering part one – prefolds

this is part one of my cloth diapering special. i will do more specials as i learn more information and as i build my stash of more diapers. at the end of this special series of posts (whenever that may be) i’ll be posting a total of how much i’ve spent cloth diapering and compare it to what i would’ve spent if i would’ve exclusively used disposables. now without further ado, part one:


there is literally so much information available online about cloth diapers that it could be overwhelming. i know i’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed, but yet addicted. this isn’t just a “fad” or something that is just like “try me, see if you like me and then give me up after a week because it’s just not for me”Image found at TheClothSpring.com

no, i honestly feel like this is something that is healthier for my baby, healthier for me, and especially more budget friendly. instead of spending over 1200 dollars in diapers in sawyer’s first two years of life, i’ll be spending somewhere less than 200 once i finally get everything that i need. how can i beat that?

that’s $1000 that we can spend elsewhere. places like family vacations; toys; baby-friendly home improvements; clothes for my little man; the list goes on.

sure, there are going to be some nasty days (since i plan on hand washing them myself) but hey, it’s just baby poop. it’s not like i don’t know where the poop is coming from! it’s coming from MY baby. and it would be the exact same thing in a disposable diaper, except i’d be throwing the poop away instead of flushing it down the toilet and rinsing it off a piece of fabric. really doesn’t seem that hard!

alright, so now for some useful information for you guys!

my best advice, out of everything that i’ve read, is that if you want to start cheap and see if this kind of diapering really is for you without making a big money commitment? try prefolds and covers FIRST. now you might be asking yourself “what, exactly, ARE prefolds?” well, my friends. think of a prefold as a butt blanket. esentially, that’s what it is. it’s made out of material that gets folded up and put onto the butt of your baby!

prefolds come in all different sizes, and they also come in one-size, which permits you to fold it however you want to get it to fit your child. you can use prefolds on any size baby!



Image found on DiaperJungle.com

to the right is an example of a prefold. there are many different ways that you can fold a prefold but no matter what, you need a fastener of some kind. i, personally, ordered snappis because i’m terrified of using diaper pins. but it’s all about personal preference. snappis are shown in use on a prefold on the right. by using a snappi, this prevents poking your baby. however, i’m told you have to watch how you stretch them or else you might become a victim of a mean ol’ snap yourself.

here are some examples i found on ways to fold a prefold!

Angelwing fold for prefold Bikini Twist for for prefold Jellyroll fold for prefold Newspaper Fold for prefoldPad Fold for prefold

i personally think that i’ll be using the newspaper fold, myself. or even just a regular old pad fold. none of the them are hard to do, but i’ve watched many videos on youtube of ladies doing them and pretty much everyone prefers the newspaper fold. it just seems like a quick way to tackle folding a prefold, plus IT WORKS to keep the poops and pees in! & isn’t that the most important part of all? 😉

the prefolds that i’m starting out with in my cloth diapering is the econobum kit. it comes with 12 prefolds and 3 covers for $49.99 at babies r us. i also ordered snappis for $8.99. they come in a pack of three.  technically i haven’t spent a dime so far; i used gift cards and merchandise credit for returned items from my baby shower.

so far, my cloth diapering journey has cost me $0. 

tune in next time for part 2 of my special on cloth diapering!


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