cloth diapering start and snuza!

my first set of cloth diapers are ordered and should arrive by the end of the week 🙂 we just went with the cheapest prefolds we could find at babies r us online because we had gift cards from the baby shower.

ended up with econobum! the box comes with 12 cotton prefolds and 3 covers, which is a good start to cloth diapering. i plan on handwashing them too, so that’s even better 🙂

andrew’s mom is getting us some kind of cloth diapers as well, though i’m not sure what kind yet. i also ordered snappis because they seemed maybe easier to use than diaper pins (and it alleviates stress from me having to worry about poking a hole in my baby LOL)

Click to view!Click to view!


other great news is that my snuza came in the mail today! it’s all ready for sawyer. i’m so excited to use it on him. basically, a snuza is a baby monitor that beeps when there is no abdominal movement detected for more than 15 seconds. it’s essentially there for giving parents piece of mind about SIDs.

i first heard about snuzas through the gracie faith through a group on facebook that popped up in a “you might be interested in…” section. thank goodness it popped up because now i have my monitor to put on sawyer when he is born. for more information,

please visit the gracie faith sids prevention program either on facebook or here.

i also found a video on the levana website, so i will embed that below this post and you’ll get insight on the monitors!


that’s all for right now! i’m going to do a special post within the next few days that is going to be called “what’s in my hospital bag?” so that’ll be fun 🙂 just have to get my camera charged up!


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