carseats and cribs :)

a couple days ago, we ordered our first car seat for sawyer!

Graco® SnugRide® Classic Connect™ 22 Infant Car Seat

it will be delivered sometime this week, probably 🙂 i had been looking for a good enough carseat for him (something that is good looking and maybe gender neutral for future babies as well as functional and easy to use) for awhile now and we were finally able to find one that we both agreed on and we got it! so yay!

& now today, we’re going to be setting up the crib together. the crib that we have is one that’s been in my family for, like ever. i even slept in it when i was a baby! so it means a lot 🙂 

that’s all the news for lately 🙂 seeeee ya.


2 thoughts on “carseats and cribs :)

    • yes 🙂 i just got it delivered today and i already put a fake baby in it! i’m soo ready for him now 🙂 we have crib, pack and play, and carseat. now all we need is baby! 😀

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