what makes everything worth it?

frequent urination, you say?! yeah, more like going every five minutes because every time you think you are done and you get up and you walk out of the bathroom, baby shifts or something shifts in you and it’s pushing on your bladder and you feel like it’s full again. except that’s a trick. because no matter how full it feels, as soon as you go back to the bathroom and sit down, you don’t feel like you have to go anymore. OH THE JOYS. i have grown accustomed to doing kegel excersises constantly because if i dont, i will pee my pants!

annnnd i still have six weeks left.

i didnt want to be one of those girls that goes “oh my gosh, i can’t take it anymore, get this baby OUT OF ME!” but i’m slowly turning into that girl. between the constant nausea heartburn, getting up to pee every ten minutes, always being hungry even after a big meal, back pain, leg pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, toe pain, arm pain, hand pain, hair pain (just kidding) yeah, the list goes on. basically everything on me hurts at some point during the day. it’s fun! 😀 not.


feeling sawyer move around ; trying to figure out what’s poking me ; waiting after meals to see how he reacts to certain foods (usually he goes nuts over everything, i can’t really decipher what he likes and dislikes) ; seeing andrew’s face light up when he watches sawyer kick and feels it too ; watching my belly make the weirdest movements in the world, all because my son is dancing an irish jig in my belly.

i’m still not quite sure what’s going on there and i still haven’t visibly identified any specific limbs or appendages but i’m excited to. all in all, even if the “good” section is smaller than the “bad” section, i wouldn’t trade any of this for the world because i will have my son soon 🙂

and that’s what makes everything worth it. 


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