baby shower invitations and registries, oh my! (oh and by the way, i’m 29 weeks!)

finally went with my sister and mom today to do baby shower registries! we went to target and babies ‘r’ us & let me just say, it was easier than i thought it was.

i had previously tried doing registries by myself online, but i had no idea what to ask for (and felt bad for asking for it anyway!) but then i just started going on a roll when i had that gun in my hand 🙂

we also got a selection of shower invitations; we found three different designs and got them all 😛 they are all adorable!

and an update for this week! i’m 29 weeks! only 7-12 weeks until i’ll have a baby sawyer in my arms :)!

my big boy is bulking up for a growth spurt; he’s probably almost as long as he will be when he comes out (within 3 inches of it or something like that). in the next 11 weeks (or however long it takes for him to come out) he’ll double or triple his weight. knowing how big i was and how big andrew was when we were born, he’ll probably triple!

my baby shower is in a month, basically, and i cant wait to see everyone and play all the fun games! we have a lot to do yet, but plenty of time. we have lots of stuff planned, just have to make it happen 🙂

bring it on, life 🙂


2 thoughts on “baby shower invitations and registries, oh my! (oh and by the way, i’m 29 weeks!)

  1. That’s so exciting!!! I am going to start registering soon- same places I think : ) I’d love to hear what you thought of each place and which one is better for certain things as opposed to the other…I found (online anyways) that Target was better for bedding- less expensive and more variety. But maybe I am wrong!

    • oh no, target is much cheaper! babies ‘r’ us has i think a 5-7 piece bedding for $150-$250 dollars, whereas target’s are much cheaper. but if you are looking for cheaper stuff that is still cute, i suggest walmart. i’m not quite sure on their prices, but their quality is equal (if not better) than target and babies ‘r’ us combined!

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