28 weeks!

let me just first start off this post by saying we officially have a new belly game with sawyer 🙂 if we push in a certain spot, he will hit that spot that we’re pushing on. endless fun, i swear!

oh, and i finally felt his actually hand/foot move as opposed to just the tummy jump. it happened by accident and hasn’t happened since so i’m not sure if what i felt was just me, or if it was actually an appendage but i just had my hand chilling next to my ribs and i started feeling like something was crawling on my palm, and i realized that it was my stomach! so i quickly moved my hand away, but i missed it. and he wouldn’t do it again… he’s already a little sh*t. 😛

this weeks stats will be a little different! i get emails from similac every week and this week’s email was a 2nd trimester 5-part recap that i found absolutely adorable, so i’ve decided to share it with you guys as well, considering it pretty much covers everything that i wanted to mention anyway!

  • at the beginning of trimester 2 (week 14, before we even knew that sawyer was a sawyer!) baby weighed in at about 5 ounces or so. NOW, at the beginning of trimester 3, he weights about 2 POUNDS (which is 32 ounces…HOLY CRAP!!)
  • at the beginning of trimester 2, he was about 5 inches long. and now has probably DOUBLED in size to 10 inches long, if not more!
  • at the beginning of trimester 2, his arms and legs started to develop as muscles formed and bones hardened. now at 28 weeks, i’m full on feeling those arms and legs for myself & let me just say, my boy is SUPER strong already 🙂
  • at the beginning of trimester 2, an extremely thin layer of skin began to develop. now, his skin layers have thickened, he has hair, and he’s accumulated some fat!
  • finally, at the beginning of trimester 2, his eyes and ears were just starting to form. now, all five of his senses are functioning :’)

just reading that email, i almost cried thinking about how big my boy was getting inside me, and how much he has developed just in the last few weeks! well, it’s been more than just a few weeks but it feels like just yesterday i had announced my pregnancy & now i’m getting my belly measured at every doctor’s appointment ❤

at week 28, i have less than 10 weeks before i’m considered “full-term” and able to give birth to this little miracle. i find that insane! of course, i’m going to let him bake as long as he wants to, but if he decides to come a little bit earlier than april 30th, i won’t mind 😉

that’s all i have for today 🙂 goodnight!


4 thoughts on “28 weeks!

  1. This is so exciting and I was just thinking the other day- that even before they show their little face to the world, they are STILL growing too fast! Every milestone during pregnancy makes you realize how far you’ve come and it all seems to come so fast. I love hearing about all his movement- I can’t wait for those times : )

  2. “at week 28, i have less than 10 weeks before i’m considered “full-term” and able to give birth to this little miracle. i find that insane!”

    I completely agree. I just entered Week 12, and the light at the end of the tunnel seems impossibly far away. It’s so weird to think that there is actually an end in sight, because it doesn’t feel that way at all! Each day drags on foreverrrrrrrr.

    Although, I can’t wait until I can play belly games with Baby 🙂 I’m really, really looking forward to that!

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