hard weekend

sorry for the lack of posts lately… haven’t really had much to say.

this weekend was rough.

our ferret passed away this weekend… she was our first pet together and we didn’t think she’d be gone this soon. it was an accident, but that’s really all i want to say about that because it’s still hard to talk about, or write about for that matter. she was only a year old… we will miss her forever and there will never be any way to replace her or the way she made us feel. RIP champagne marie ❤

anyway… sunday, i went to the hospital in the morning because i was having contractions. they were actual contractions and i had to have two shots of terbutaline (i think that’s what it was called) to stop preterm labor. i wasn’t dialating at all, but the contractions wouldn’t stop, so they gave it to me just in case. it was partially to do with stress from losing champagne, as well as having a UTI (which are always pains in the butt, this time literally). after getting a shot of high-powered antibiotics in my butt (OUCH!!!!), i’m now on another antibiotic to get rid of it as well that i have to take twice a day (nitrofurantoin mono/mac).

i’ll be 28 weeks tomorrow… i’ll post stats tomorrow, since i’m not really into posting too much tonight. goodnight everyone.


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