26 weeks!

so i’ve spent the last week thinking that i was only going to be 25 weeks today. but i was wrong. (darn my pregnancy brain!) i am actually… 26 WEEKS 😀 how exciting! this is the last week of my second trimester! i’ll post some updates as to baby’s growth and whatnot now:

  • our sawyer is possibly almost 2 pounds 🙂
  • he is most likely a foot (12 inches) long by now, if not bigger!
  • he is actively practicing his sucking reflex to prepare for breastfeeding 🙂
  • his eyes have begun to open and retinas begin to develop!
  • his skeleton is COMPLETELY developed, but some joints arent connected all the way just yet
  • his neurons and brain tissue are developing rapidly & his brain waves are working like a newborns :’)

i don’t know if i’ve mentioned this yet, but i’ve been getting braxton hicks contractions like crazy! but not anything to be concerned about 🙂

next doctor’s appointment is in two weeks (february 6th!) & that’s where i have to do my icky gestational diabetes check (so not looking forward to it! i hope that the orange drink doesnt taste as bad as everyone says it does!)

and now i will grace you with something that i don’t think i’ve posted on here yet : a picture of my ever growing bump 🙂

26 Weeks!


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