no pain, no gain… right?

haven’t posted an update in a couple days so here it comes! :

woke up with intense pain this morning in my pelvic area. so, naturally like any first time momma, i googled. oh why did i google..? turns out that its very common; and it happens to be that my pelvic bone… IS SPLITTING. this child is literally tearing my bones apart. FANTASTIC 😛

i also have more pain elsewhere! my ribs are trying to kill me (as they are also stretching from my ever-growing uterus). but there is new pain that has happened recently; it’s chest pain. but not just any kind of chest pain! you know that place in the middle of your chest, between your boobs? you know, that place where your ribs connects? yeah, that. 😦 (see picture below!)

pain regionson the plus side, i’m finally finding comfortable ways to sit and lay (and YES, they involve pillows!!!!!). my ribs need to be padded, so i’ve finally figured that out!

other than the pain, everything is typical! sawyer went nuts this afternoon (for no reason) & he was kicking up a storm. actually, it was when there was discussion of eggs being made so i’m assuming that’s what set him off. my boy must love eggs 😉


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