tattoo fever…

how come i only get ideas for tattoos when i cant get them?!?!? ooh am itching for a new one right about now! or 10.

  • i have an idea of what me and andrew can get for matching tattoos (all things considered, i don’t think i ever want to get married. so why not get a matching tattoo, since we know we’re going to be together forever anyway! i already have an engagement ring from him, but i don’t think i actually wanna get married. we already call each other ‘hubby’ and ‘wifey’ anyway so i don’t really think we need a piece of paper that says what we already feel… i’ll explain more in a different post, maybe)
  • i have an idea of what to do with sawyer’s footprint 🙂
  • i have an idea of what to do with my pet’s pawprints (because we love the little devils so much, and they’re my first pets ever so i might as well commemorate them permanently!)
  • i have an idea for all of my kids names! (first i have to have more kids, but that’ll give me more time to organize my idea!)
  • i want to wait until sawyer’s a little older and can draw confidently, and i want to have one of his drawings tattooed on me. (i realize that recently this has become a popular tattoo, but i think it’s an adorable and still original thing to do instead of hanging it up on the fridge where it could get ruined or it will get thrown out over time) this way i can always look at my favorite drawing of his!! ❤ not sure if i’d do it with all my kids, though, so i’m not sure if this dream will ever become a reality. i’d hate for one of my kids to feel left out just because mommy decided to only draw their big brother’s picture on herself permanently!
  • me and my sister still have a plan to get matching “sister” tattoos, but we haven’t even discussed details at all. so i have plenty of ideas, just not sure if she still wants to do it or not…

i just have so many awesome ideas floating through my head on a daily basis, i had to let them out somewhere!

do you have any tattoos to commemorate your kids? i’d love to see them 🙂


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