lots of stuff happened today :D

i am one happy momma šŸ™‚

first of all, i had a job interview; i think it went pretty good. the lady smiled a lot and was joking with me, so thats good šŸ™‚

secondly; i finally got the opportunity to put more minutes on the tracphone so i can finally talk to my mom on something other than email every day šŸ˜› not that i need to talk to her everyday, but i really really really like to ā¤ i love my mommy.

third, i had my doctors appointment today! & i got my first measurement of my tummy šŸ™‚ i was 24 1/2 inches, which is just a half inch bigger than what it should be but that’s still perfectly okay šŸ™‚ my blood pressure was normal (as always!) & sawyer’s heart was beating at 140 beats a minute ā¤ oh how i love hearing it. music to my ears. i can’t wait to record it. i have that opportunity with the fetal doppler my sister let me borrow; i might just share it on here for all of you to hear too šŸ™‚

fourth, i found out that i get my glucose test done next doctors appointment, which will be february 6th! (february is also when i start going to doctor’s appointments every other week instead of once a month!! so exciting!) i’m not too excited to drink the orange sugary drink, though. from what i’ve heard, it’s naaaaaasty.Ā (question time! if you’ve had it before, what did you think it tasted like? comment on this post or email me!)

fifth, we went grocery shopping tonight (finally able to!) & completely stocked up on meat and everything else that we could possibly need. it feels so good to finally have good food in the house!

so just like i said, lots of great great stuff happened today and i’m so thankful for all of it šŸ™‚ stay tuned mommies & gents!


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