i haven’t forgotten about you!

so a week has gone by since i last posted, so i figured i’d offer a little bit of an update for followers 🙂

i had a job interview today and i think, THINK, that it went good. great, even! so hopefully i’ll get a call back about this one! it has ideal pay and hours, so thats fantastic!

let’s see… oh! sawyer is moving around like a little ninja inside my stomach lately! i still cant see what part of him is moving (foot or hand) but hopefully soon a, as today marks 24 weeks 😀 yay!

its amazing how fast this pregnancy is going!! i cant wait to meet my baby boy 🙂

that’s all for now though because i’m on my tablet and i can hardly type on this thing, accurately anyway! plus, it’s easier to tag posts on my laptop lol (admittedly lazy lately!!)

i will post an article or two later on today (or maybe a fun picture!) as well as another blogpost with a little more on a day in the life of this momma 🙂 ❤



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