jobless and hopeless

why is it so hard to find a freakin job these days? i’ve applied for countless positions that are advertised online, had like three interviews, and yet.. nothing. i never used to have this problem. i was much less reliable when i was younger but yet most of the jobs that i got, i was hired on the spot! that’s just not the case anymore.

no one has ever “checked my references” before or said “we have several other people to interview, we’ll let you know.” or even if that was the case, they never actually called references, and they called me back in a few days to let me know “congrats! you got the job!” but no. 

what, just because i’m older now, i can’t get a job? -_- i’m going stir crazy. this is the longest i’ve been unemployed. the one time i actually NEED a job. all those other jobs were just for fun, really. but if i would’ve realized that i’d be this desperate for a job now, i would’ve clung on for dear life to those other positions. but no. 

i guess it’s true afterall; you never learn to appreciate things until they’re gone!


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