nervousness setting in

so maybe it’s just because i’m only like three months away from giving birth, but i just feel like, based on all the advice that i’ve read and all of the things i’ve been pinning lately, i’m either going to completely destroy my firstborn or he’s going to be a complete genius. either way, i’m frightened.

all of the things that i’ve been reading seem to be like, the best advice that i’ve ever heard in my life, but i don’t think my sister and i turned out half bad & i’m pretty sure my mom didnt have access to all of the information that i do. so that’s what makes me nervous.

the fact that i may potentially have this respectful and totally awesome child (or a spawn from hell that thinks that i’m trying to overload him with information) makes me shake in my boots. so i just hope that all of this information that i’m getting read up on benefits me, rather than wrecks me.

crossing my fingers! ∞


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