just a little bit (:


welcome to the place where i’m going to put all the information (good and bad) for the next three months of pregnancy and then some. this is my first-time mommy blog and you will learn more and more about me and my personality and my baby and my life every day that i come on and post. which there should be no excuses because i have an app on my tablet that connects directly to this blog, and i’m on my tablet every day!

so anywho my name is kylie, if you haven’t figured that out yet. i’m 20 years old and i’ve been engaged to my fiance, andrew, since march 20th of this year (2013), but we’ve been together since july 7th of 2011! i found out that i was pregnant on september 1st, 2013 when i was about 6 or 7 weeks along! now i’m roughly six months along 🙂

the first trimester was completely miserable, besides the ultrasounds and all of the good baby things. but i had crazy bad nausea and morning sickness.

the most joyous moment of my pregnancy so far was on december 12th when we found out that we are having a boy 🙂 we’re naming him sawyer. i’m not too keen on the meaning (woodworker ; that’s kinda weird) but we love the name and thats just what we want so there you go!

as of tonight, that’s all i have to say. feel free to ask anything & i’ll try to answer 🙂

what i’ll be posting on my blog

  • daily (or somewhat daily) posts on what happens every day
  • advice and pictures i find online about pregnancy and babies
  • reviews about movies and books that i see and read
  • just random things that i like

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